We’re Mojo

Music is one of the world’s essential elements. The writers and artists who bring songs to life are part of the emotional fabric of our lives, as powerful as anything else in the human experience.

At Mojo, we bring out artist’s true selves, revitalize their songs, refresh their recordings and tell their stories. We’re here to preserve, protect and expand artists’ legacies by professionally managing their art and thoughtfully curating projects which ensure their work and lives continue to be an active and influential part of the global pop culture.

Who we are

We are passionate music and media professionals with three decades’ experience successfully caretaking and promoting some of the most beloved publishing and master recording catalogs in the world.

Our investors are artists themselves – directors, producers, patrons and fans of the arts – truly strategic partners with an aligned and vested interest in supporting and promoting the work of profoundly influential musicians.

What We Do

Publishers promote songs, labels promote records, we promote careers.

Mojo partners with influential songwriters, musicians and artists to revitalize their song catalogs and magnify the power of their legacies. We bring traditional music publishing and full-service, custom brand and legacy marketing under one roof. We offer artists an all-in-one solution for managing and promoting songs and recordings to preserve, protect and expand their life’s work, maintaining their influence and earnings power for decades to come and ensure they continue to be an active and influential part of pop culture.

In a business that often values content over its creators, we are true fans and aligned partners, working hand in hand with songwriters, artists and their teams to organically and respectfully explore new avenues designed to re-energize their creativity and bring their life’s story to new generations of music fans.


36 West 25th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10010


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Peter Shane, Founder/CCO

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36 West 25th Street, 12th Floor

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