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Mark Fried

Founder & CEO

In founding Mojo, Mark set his sights on evolving traditional music publishing, taking full advantage of the convergence of music and media to develop compelling projects which enable songwriters and writer/artists to restart their engines, expand their palettes and collaborate with today’s most talented writers, directors and producers – all designed to ensure that their work sustains, grows and continues to influence and inspire humanity.

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Alan Wallis

Founder & COO

Alan Wallis, Founder and COO of Mojo Music & Media has worked alongside the music industry for more than twenty years, building and running the Music Transactions practice in the London flagship office for the world’s leading professional services company, Ernst & Young LLP. Alan began his career in 1974 at HM Revenue & Customs, transferring to their specialist valuation group in 1982.

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Peter Shane

Founder & CCO

Growing up a self-professed pop culture super fan, music and media have always been a driving force in Pete Shane’s life. As Mojo’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete is redefining music publishing and legacy promotion, working with our writers and their teams to inspire new work and reintroduce and reimagine beloved songs via strategic licensing and collaborating with partners across old and new media creating projects which highlight their collected works and life stories.

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Nobu Yamamoto


As Mojo’s SVP of Business Development based in Los Angeles, Nobu is responsible for working with film, television and new media companies, seeking opportunities for Mojo writers to contribute songs and score and pitching brand and legacy projects based on our client’s music and life stories.

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Butch Baker


Butch Baker leads Mojo’s Nashville office, ensuring that the company’s writers and catalogs are professionally managed and relentlessly promoted. A Nashville resident since 1979, Butch began his career in music as a staff writer for the legendary Acuff-Rose.

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Carrie Wilkins


Mojo’s head of Administration, Carrie Wilkins, discovered a passion for the royalties side of the business at a very young age and has devoted her entire 25-year career to perfecting the art of forensic tracking, collecting and auditing.

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Courtney Crist


With her mother working as a disc jockey at a local radio station, Courtney Crist has always been surrounded by music so it was little surprise to anyone that when the time came, she chose to enter the Recording Industry program at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Keithan Melton


A veteran of the Nashville publishing community since 2003, Keithan has pitched and landed covers for and helped guide the careers of some of Music City’s most respected songwriters and artists.

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Mark S. Dunn


Mark graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1987 with a degree in Recording Industry Management. For the past 30 years, he has created a career in administration for the music business of Nashville while working for EMI, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Hickory Records, and Sony Music Entertainment.

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Courtney Kruckeberg


Mojo’s Catalog Manager, Courtney Kruckeberg, has a front row seat to the creative process, liaising with songwriters and the Royalty Administration department to ensure proper management of the company’s diverse and ever-expanding catalog, while also handling demo billing, digital marketing, and day-to-day office management.

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