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Butch Baker leads Mojo’s Nashville office, ensuring that the company’s writers and catalogs are professionally managed and relentlessly promoted. A Nashville resident since 1979, Butch began his career in music as a staff writer for the legendary Acuff-Rose. He made the transition to artist in the mid-80’s, signing with Mercury Records, working with producer Harold Shedd and charting several radio singles. Butch transitioned to the business side in the early 90’s, working as an independent A&R rep for Giant Records, where he worked with Blake Shelton and Clay Walker and Sony Records, where he repped Montgomery Gentry. Following his love for song plugging and music production, Butch was soon running Nashville’s Encore Publishing and joined Ronnie Gant at HoriPro in 2005. In a decade-plus, Butch helped grow the HoriPro brand in Nashville, signing and nurturing such writers as Dean Dillon and Phil O’Donnell, mentoring some of the town’s best song pluggers and launching community and charitable events reflecting the company’s giving spirit which have become modern traditions.