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Growing up a self-professed pop culture super fan, music and media have always been a driving force in Pete Shane’s life.  As Mojo’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete is redefining music publishing and legacy promotion, working with our writers and their teams to inspire new work and reintroduce and reimagine beloved songs via strategic licensing and collaborating with partners across old and new media creating projects which highlight their collected works and life stories.

After serving formative stints in film and television production and artist management, Pete landed in the A&R department at Universal Music Publishing, where he cut his teeth plugging songs, setting up collaborations and chasing commercial advertising sync for an active roster of writers.

Looking to make an impact in a smaller, entrepreneurial music company, Pete joined indie publisher Spirit Music Group in 1999.  Rising through the creative ranks, Pete identified and signed key songwriters, developed a second-to-none global sync team and crafted unique collaborative partnerships with producers across every kind of media.

Over the course of two decades, Pete’s sync squad was widely recognized for compiling the best licensing record in independent publishing, placing songs in thousands of high profile, award-winning feature films, television series, advertising campaigns, video games and a wide range of new media projects.  He pioneered the practice of promoting licenses in real-time via ad-cards and other in-broadcast credits and later via websites, fan sites, blogs, twitter and Shazam, driving millions of eyeballs to writer’s and artist’s web and social sites.

To bring Spirit into even closer partnership with media companies, Pete initiated a series of creative ventures with leading independent film and new media producers, culminating in a groundbreaking multi-year joint venture with the Jim Henson company which saw the two companies collaborate creatively on all of the acclaimed studios film, television and web productions.

Intent on seeing publishers play a much more active role in expanding their writers’ creative pathways, Pete helped pioneer the crafting of custom multi-year marketing plans at deal inception.  His groundbreaking campaigns for such beloved musicians as Pete Townshend, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, The Grateful Dead, Henry Mancini and Charles Mingus, including wish-list collaborations, covers and tribute albums, dedicated film scores and soundtracks, remix projects, branded merch, pop-ups and installations and cross-promotions with media and consumer product companies helped Spirit transform from a traditional publisher to a fully vested, career-involved marketing partner for its song writers.